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The therapeutic spectrum of my work covers the whole range of general medicine. It ranges from infections over allergic and autoimmune diseases to orthopedic problems and conditions of pain, diseases of the respiratory, the digestive and the urological system, hormonal disturbances in the female and the male. Psychosomatic disorders, stress, anxiety and their consequences are another major part of every general medicine. In children (besides infectious and allergic states), development disturbances, learning disabilities and ADHD prevail.

My therapy is mainly according to the principles of classical homeopathy.

Equally important is counceling. Overcoming disease and maintaining health is much more than taking a drug. General health principles are often more helpful than any medical therapy. A good knowledge of what is important and how it is done, is crucial for our health. Counceling centers around all subjects of healthy behavior like nutrition, motion, sleep and the structure of life. Vaccination is another important issue for many parents as there is much concern about their safety and impacts.

Coming of age in a radically changing society creates difficulties in children. Their adolescence becomes more of a turning point and more problematic, either. Wrong beliefs and short-sighted actions create increase behavioral problems and might even lead to chronic diseases. Right advice and an individual homeopathic therapy improve most of these conditions.

Every general practitioner is focused on certain diseases and syndromes. In my case it is asthma, especially childhood asthma, nutrition related diseases, diseases of the thyroid gland, rheumatic diseases and pain of the musculoskeletal system and other pain syndromes like fibromyalgia.

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