Georg Ivanovas

Russian-German Origin

Born 1953 in Germany, 5 grown-up children

Studies of Medicine in Munich and Bonn

Medical licence in 1979

Continuing education in surgery, obstetrics and rheumatology

Further education in naturopathy and homeopathy

Education in different psychotherapeutic methods like Gestalt and Family Therapy

1989-1992 medical office in Bad Wurzach, Germany

From 1994 on medical office in Iraklio, Crete

From 2001 to 2010 PhD at the University of Crete (Iraklio) with the title

Contributions of System- Theory to the Understanding of Therapy and Health“.

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Regular publications on homeopathy, systems thinking and general health topics

Teacher at the psychotherapeutic school «ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑ ΣΥΣΤΗΜΙΚΗΣ ΘΕΡΑΠΕΙΑΣ και παρέμβασης σε άτομα, οικογένειες και ευρύτερα συστήματα (ΕΣΥΘΕΠΑΣ)»